Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing 11.5

Thank you for the opportunity to write some final thoughts.

Favorite discoveries is easy for me. Image generators, especially Wordle, was both useful and will be fun for the kids to use next year. I also loved the screencast. By completing it I learned a great deal about recording on my laptop, and will be much more helpful to my students in this area.

The area most critical to life long learning would be a better understanding about microblogging. I had heard of Twitter and Facebook, but did not have a clear picture of what they were. I still don't feel comfortable using them (What are you doing right now?)but it is good to know what other people are talking about.

I guess one of the biggest surprises is that there are grown-ups out there playing in virtual worlds like 2nd Life. I just feel so certain they could be making better use of their time in the First Life.

Thing 11

I gleaned from the posts I read, that a major concern of the areas that fall under digital citizenship, is the lack of critical analysis as the children work on research. Both of the blogs mentioned how the students seem to believe what ever they read and weren't that concerned about discriminating between the facts being presented versus the opinions being shared.

Fortunately, we already teach fact and opinion in the 3rd grade. Now we need to take what we learn as we study advertisements and articles that appear in print and use those same skills and key words like "I believe" and "you should" to alert them that an opinion is being presented.

I thought the chart presented in the blogs were helpful to break down the components of digital citizenship...literacy, safety, learning strategies, and etiquette. I'm wondering if anyone else has complained about the high number of grammatical errors and typos found in some of these blogs and post. Digiteen was so poorly written I found it difficult to follow.

Thing 10

Alright, I'll start with the good, but I am such a novice at this entire concept that I'm not sure the will be accurate.

GOOD: AMAZING graphics! You truly feel like you are entering another dimension. The Mayan ruins looked amazing. The sections on "Explore" and "Learn" looked particularly useful to educators. I can see how me taking the kids into this world on the large screen could be amazing.

BAD:Lots of trouble even looking in. Thanks to you guys I've greatly increased my internet savvy, but this was way out of my league. My daughter, a SIMS veteran, found the site difficult to negotiate.

BACK TO GOOD: Hey, I now know it exist! I can appreciate the potential it has for educators every where!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thing 9

I can see slideshare being extremely useful to my students because eventually the Norway server could run out of space. We do a HUGE powerpoint scrap book each year, an individual one for each student. We seem to luck out that not very many campuses store the incredible amount of pictures on Sweden and children's work on Norway as we do at MDE, but oh if they did! What then?

Well, now I'm seeing that the web has already answered this problem. As I teach my students to store more things in sites like Flickr and Slideshare, we can avoid this issue before it starts.

On my overview, I wasn't quite sure if editting could occur once it is stored. My kids love to work on powerpoint shows together and though it is cute to watch them cluster around a single screen, I can't help but think that more work could get done if they could work on the same powerpoint from different computers.

Thing 8

Learning about the screen cast was great. I need to bring the mic from school, so will finish tomorrow. Bought a microphone and it worked beautifully. Made a screen cast for my kids on how to open microsoft word and the settings I want them to use. Once I am at school I want to do one that will show them how to save properly to Norway in their folders.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing 7

What a great selection of videos on every subject imaginable! I feel so silly that for years I have only been using United Streaming for the bulk of my in class video selections. Embedding is no big deal! I even added the YouTube video we uploaded earlier.

Idiots on the beach